Thursday, September 8, 2011

Export / Import Tables from one Database to other

Today, I discovered how to export/import a database from one server to another, following are the steps I followed.
Hope this may of help to someone. Please leave your comments and suggestion if any.

1. Connect to a Database engine, where your source database is present.
2. Open Databases
3. Right click on the database. Select Task > Export Data.
An Inport Export wizard should be started, click next
5. Punch in username and password for the server.
6. Select the database from the Database drop down list. ( Select that database whose table you need to copy)
7. Click next
8. Now select your destination server and database, provide username and password.
9. Select the first option. ( No idea what the second option does :P )
10. Select the table you want to copy. You can select all if you want.
11. Click next will show you a window with "Execute Immediately" check box, Click next and finish.
12. All the selected tables will be copied to the destination database along with the data in it.



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