Thursday, May 19, 2011

Setup FTP server using IIS in Windows 7

Start your IIS Manager. The version of IIS Manager that I have used is 6.0. The IIS Manager looks like as shown below.
Now as you can see, I already have 2 website and 1 FTP site configured. Ignore them for now, Lets create a new FTP site.
Right Click as shown in the figure and select Add new FTP option,
Select a name for your FTP Site, and enter the physical path for the content of the FTP site.
Assingn the IP address and the port on which the FTP server will be running, the default port number for a FTP site is 21. You may also enable SSL if needed, and provide the certificate by selecting the certificate from the list.
I have not selected SSL for simplicity,
Then next is where you will define Authorization and Authencation rules. In the example below, I have allowed access to both anonymous as well as basic user. But I have limited their access to READ only by not selecting the Write checkbox.
And TADA .. your FTP is ready!!
You may also change the configuration from the options provided as seen above….
All the options have very user friendly interfaces, and are very easy to configure,


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