Friday, May 27, 2011

Skype has stopped working error in Windows 7

"I recently had this same problem, where my SKYPE would quit after every 5 seconds with a message that said "Skype has stopped working.Windows will now close the program". 
Here is what I did for it to work again. This worked for me, lets hope it works for you too.

1. Firstly you will need to close your skype. Be sure that it is closed by checking the system tray. If skype's icon is still there, right click it and select quit.
2. Next you will need to select show Hidden files from your folder view option.
3. Once that is done press WindowsKey + R: to start the Run Utility
4. Type %appdata%\Skype in it and press enter
5. Delete the shared.xml file.
6. Restart Skype and its done! 
7. A new shared.xml file will be created. And Skype should start working again.


Anonymous said...

worked 4 me !

Alex Gold said...

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